Clothesline Clues To Jobs People Do

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by Andy Robert Davies
(Charlesbridge, July 2012)

Book Description
In this lively, rhyming picture book young children use clothesline clues to explore the jobs people do! But watch for other clues, too, and see how all these people come together at the end.

Imagine walking by a clothesline and seeing an apron and potholders hanging from the line. A recipe and wooden spoon are nearby. Who lives there? What do they do?

All ‘round the clothesline
Are oodles of clues,
Who uses these things
For the jobs that they do?

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Extension Activities for Educators and Families


Math Story Problems
How many items are on the clothesline? How many things are nearby? How many all together? If appropriate, write the number problems to match for each clothesline page.

Graphing Activities
Graph different things such as pants, shirts, hats, etc. Which row has the most? The least? Do any rows have the same amount of things?

Clothespin Counting
How many clothespins can you count on each clothesline?  Which line has the most, least? Are there any clotheslines that have the same number of clothespins?

Clothespin Games
Have numeral cards, clothespins and small laundry baskets that you can get at the dollar store. Drop clothespins in the baskets to match the numerals.



Rhyming Words
Find all of the words that rhyme in the story. Write them down – circle your favorite ones. Draw a clothesline and “hang” all of the words that rhyme in a special way!

Poem Writing
Think about a job that you want to do and write a poem similar to one from the story. Draw an illustration to match! Make a class book out of all of the poems.

Writing About the Job for You
What is your favorite job from the story? Write why – maybe the job you really want to do is not in the story – what job is just right for you?

Write an Invitation
Create an invitation to some kind of special event. Maybe it’s a launch party!



Rocket Experiment
Look on line for different types of rockets to create. A balloon rocket is a big hit with the kids!

Star Charts
Explore different star charts and maybe create your own!

Clothespin Weighing and Balancing
Have different types of clothespins to explore – plastic, wooden, large and small. Put the clothespins on balance scales and weight scales -- compare the results. 

Clothespins in the Jar Game
Set up teams of kids to drop clothespins in a jar at the end of the course. The team with the most clothespins in the jar wins!



Career Puzzles
Find clip art or other photos of people in their jobs. Cut them apart like puzzle pieces.  Laminate and keep in a special container.

Clothesline Art
Create a clothesline similar to the cover of the book. Hang fancy letters that spell your name from the clothesline!

Neighborhood Map
Create a map of your neighborhood similar to the one in the beginning of the book. Are there any clotheslines where you live?



Community Visitors
Invite community visitors or parents/relatives with jobs that can be shared with class. Take pictures and create a poster or book.

Job Interviews
Come up with questions that would be good for specific jobs that people do. Role play with each other.

Think about the jobs people do and visit the work place to see the jobs in action! Take pictures and create memory books

Creative Dramatics
Ask families to share work boots, tools, aprons, lab coats, etc. for special work centers and role playing. Go to grocery stores, medical facilities, etc. and ask for freebies!

Career Day
Designate a “Career Day” when everyone dresses up for a specific job. Tell about the job that you’d like to do! Take photos for a book or display.


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