Mouse’s Hide-and-Seek Words

Written by
Kathryn Heling and

Illustrated by
Patrick Joseph
(Random House, 2003)

Book Description

Words are here, words are there.
Little words hide everywhere!
Look in big words. Take a peek.
Find a small word — hide and seek!


An early phonics reader for children ages 5 through 8. Kids who are mid-way through "breaking the code" will enjoy discovering the little words hiding out in bigger words.

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Extension Activities for Educators and Families

Be a detective and go on a hunt for words hiding inside other words. Start with familiar, common words like the days of the week, months of the year, names of friends and family. Keep a journal of the hide-and-seek words!

Gather newspapers and magazines. Use a highlighter and find little words hiding in big words. How many words did you find? Have a contest to see who can find the most!

Make up sentences with the words from your journal similar to the sentences in Mouse’s Hide-and-Seek Words. For example: I wanted to hear... so I took off my ear muff. The dog growls... he was scared of the owls.

Make a large magnifying glass out of construction paper. Be a word detective. Write ‘hide and seek’ words inside the glass part of the magnifying glass. For example: fat, call, draw.


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