Ten Lucky  Leprechauns

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by
Jay Johnson
(Scholastic 2012 / Cartwheel 2013)

Book Description
'Fiddle-de-fizz, 'tis magic, it is!
Read along with this funny rhyming story about ten lucky leprechaun friends!'

'The woods are full of leprechauns,
And treasures to uncover.
Fiddle-de-fizz, there's magic, there is,
When leprechauns find each other!'

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Extension Activities for Educators and Families


Make shamrocks out of hearts.

Create a leprechaun mask that your face shows through.

Make a shamrock head band.

Create a leprechaun hat to match one from the story.

Use water colors or other art media to create a rainbow and pot of gold.

Make a friendship rainbow out of handprints.

Draw yourself as a leprechaun!  Use a school photo for the face.

String shamrocks together to make a necklace or garland.



Draw a pot at end of the rainbow—in pot and along rainbow write words/sentences that describe what a treasure is to you.

Draw you with a friend or two. How is that friend a treasure?

Write interview questions for a leprechaun.

Make clover character stick figures and add talking bubbles.

Make ten finger puppets and act out the story as it is being read aloud.

Write a letter to your favorite leprechaun in the story or write why you like him/her.



Create a board game with the pot of gold at the very end. Use yellow circles as gold pieces and write numerals on them. Gold pieces with leprechauns could lose a turn or get an additional turn.

Create leprechaun patterns with different colored hats. 

Create patterns with gold pieces and green shamrocks.

Play numeral bingo using gold pieces as markers.

Set up pots to sort real or play money.

Play “battle” with numeral cards 1 through 10.

Write the numerals 1-10 on small black pots. Spray paint beans or small pebbles gold. Place “gold” pieces in pots to match the numeral.



What two colors make green? Do some different experiments with paint or water and food coloring.

How is a real rainbow formed? Try to create one by spraying water in the bright sun.

Try some prism experiments.

Make blue ice cubes and yellow ice cubes – put them in a container and see what happens when they melt!

Put a white carnation in green water – what happens?

Learn the color order of a rainbow – use water colors to create one with the correct color order.



Create a treasure map with at least ten markings.

Where is Ireland? Draw it and label points of interest. 

What are some of the traditions for March 17th?

What is the legend of the leprechaun?

Listen to some Irish music. Learn how to dance an Irish jig!


Put on a magic show! Use the words from the story: Fiddle-de-fizz….tis magic it is!

Build a trap for a leprechaun! Make sure to include a rainbow and some gold to trick him!

Act out some of the verses from the story. Make props to match some of the characters.



Sample green vegetables like broccoli, celery, cucumbers, etc.

Make a rainbow fruit salad.  Serve it in little black bowls or gold plates.

Make a shamrock mint shake.

Decorate shamrock cookies.



On St. Patrick’s Day use food coloring to turn things green – milk, bread, etc.

Go on a scavenger hunt looking for things that are green and gold. Add a rainbow and a leprechaun for good measure!


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