Mouse Makes Magic

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by
Patrick Joseph
(Random House, 2002)

Book Description

Mouse is magic, Mouse is quick.
Changing letters is his trick.

Do you like magic?


Zap! Mouse changes a vowel and makes a whole new word!

He can turn a fish’s fin into a fan and a lady’s hat into a hut. Mouse’s tricks will make you laugh!

A magical beginning reader that emphasizes vowel substitution. An early phonics reader for children ages 4—7.

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Extension Activities for Educators and Families

Make a small ‘magic wand’ out of a dowel. Put a star on the end of it or cover the tip with glitter. Use the magic wand as a pointer when reading Mouse Makes Magic. When Mouse waves his magic wand, you can make magic and change words, too!

After reading the book, read it again using magnetic letters on a cookie sheet to ‘act out’ the story. You can use the magic wand to help change words!

Write one syllable words with short vowel sounds. For example: bus/hat/pen/tub/kit. Write a sentence with one of the words. Now change the vowel in the word and read the new sentence. Did your magic make the sentence sound silly?

Create magic hat mobiles — punch five holes in the brim of a paper magic hat. Hang the vowels, a-e-i-o-u, using yarn from the magic hat. Add flair with glitter or jewels. Hang the hats from the ceiling and let the magic begin!

Make words with Magic Mouse using alphabet cereal. When you are finished, make the words disappear! Yum!


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