There's Only One You

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by Rosie Butcher
(Sterling Publishing, May 2019)

Book Description
The ways that we are different
from each other are what
makes us special. It’s great
being YOU-nique!

“In all the world over,
this much is true.
You’re somebody special,
there’s only one YOU.”


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Extension Activities for Educators and Families


School Wide Celebration

Many schools are launching the year with a school wide book that celebrates all learners –– young and old. On the first day of school each teacher reads the book to the class or this could be an all school reading and celebration at an assembly. After multiple readings, each student designs a poster. Across the top of the poster are the words from the book: IN ALL THE WORLD OVER, THIS MUCH IS TRUE. Place the student’s photo in the middle of the poster. The student then can decorate a ‘frame’ around that photo. Along the bottom of the poster are the words from the story: YOU’RE SPECIAL –- UNIQUE. THERE’S JUST ONE OF YOU! A template could be prepared ahead of time that is universal for all students or each teacher/student could create their own design. The posters could be hung near the entrance of school, by the office or in the classrooms. Each teacher/staff member should make one, too! These could be kept up year round to celebrate the community theme!



Create an acrostic poster to celebrate YOU –– write your name down vertically and then think about words and phrases that best describe you starting with each letter. Maybe your acrostic poster is a poem. Here’s an idea…make friendship acrostic posters! You and a friend make one for each other!

‘There’s Only One You’ class book –– each child creates one page for the book. Each page could have a template -- There’s Only One ____________ where the child would write his/her name. For younger students it could be a drawing of themselves. For older students it could be about favorite things or what makes them unique. The possibilities are endless! 

What makes you ‘tick’? This could be the title of a writing project about YOU and what YOU like to do! Create a clock or find a clock picture for your writing project and then answer the question…What Makes You Tick? Think about sports that you love, activities, places, etc. Display the posters or books for others to get to know YOU better!

Look at the characters in the story, ‘There’s Only One You’. Is there a character that is your favorite? Follow that character throughout the story by looking for him/her in the illustrations. What makes that character unique? What can you find out about the character by looking at details? What would you name your favorite character?

Now look at the different settings in the story. Which setting is your favorite? If you look carefully you will see different problems that children are experiencing. Create a 'Story Map' by folding a piece of paper into four sections. Title the four sections: Character(s), Setting, Problem, Solution. Draw pictures or write words in the different sections. Create a 'Story Map' for different characters!



Create a collage about YOU! Draw a picture of yourself or use a photo and place it in the middle of the poster paper. Cut out pictures from magazines that tell a story about you and place them around your portrait. Think about your favorite foods, books, activities…think about what makes you YOU-nique!

Design a puzzle about YOU! Create puzzle pieces (or use actual puzzle pieces and use the back of them) that describe you. First paint the pieces with wild and unique colors. Once the pieces are dry use puffy paint or other media to write words or draw pictures that celebrate YOU. Glue the pieces on to poster board. The pieces can be scattered around a picture of you or they can be connected –– each puzzle creation can be different... like YOU!

fireworksYour fingerprints are unique... like YOU! There are many things you can create with fingerprints. Trace your hand and then put your fingerprints on each finger. You could use stamp pads or paint. Title your special project: MY FINGERPRINTS ARE UNIQUE... LIKE ME! 

Your image in a mirror is a reflection of YOU! Cut a mirror shape out of strong poster board –– cut foil for the inside of the mirror shape leaving a border around the foil to decorate. Decorate around the reflective foil with jewels and beads. On the back there could be a poem: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the most unique of all? YOU!



Count the letters in your name. On graph paper put one letter in each box. Write other friend names on the graph paper. Who’s name has the most letters... the least? How many friends have the same number of letters in their name?

Here’s a good buddy measuring activity –- one friend lays down on the floor and the other friend uses yarn to measure how tall he/she is. Display the yarn pieces and discuss who is taller and who is shorter. Remember…no matter how short or tall you are... you are perfect just the way you are!

Think about all of the numbers that make you, YOU-nique! Your age, your birth month, day and year are special. Other numbers like your address and phone number. Could you invent a secret code that is special only to you? Design a project with your unique numbers!



‘In all the world over this much is true. You’re somebody special, there’s only one YOU.’ Use these two sentences from the book as a title for a special project:

Create a large Earth with blue and green paint. This would be a great time to learn Earth facts! While the Earth art is drying, create a picture of YOU. It could be just your face with your unique features or your whole body. Once the Earth art is dry, glue the picture of you on top. Don’t forget the title using the words from the book. This could be mounted on black to make the project pop! Decorate the black frame in any way to celebrate YOU!

Family traditions and celebrations –– how do you celebrate birthdays at your house? What are special traditions that make your family unique? Take a survey to find out family traditions and celebrations.

Create newspaper posters...
Extra!  Extra! Read All About... The _______________ Family!


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