I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by
Bonnie Adamson
(Raven Tree Press
Coming June, 2008)

Book Description
Willie thinks it would be wonderful to be strong like his friend Manuel. What would Willie do to have muscles like his best friend?

I wish I was strong like Manuel.
He looks like a super hero!

Willie doesn’t like his skinny arms.
He wants to be strong like his best friend, Manuel.
But Willie is surprised to learn what Manuel wants...

Imagine that!

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(Book available in both bilingual and English-only versions.)



Extension Activities for Educators and Families


Weighty Issues — Find out what you weighed when you were born. How much do you weigh now? Can you figure out how much heavier you are?

How many different kinds of scales can you find at your house or school? Experiment with scales that measure people, food, or objects.



Super Hero Story — Write a story about the super hero you designed (see ART). Use a web or story map to plan an adventure for your super hero. How is your super hero strong like Manuel?



Mighty Mouse — Find out about small creatures that can carry a heavy load — ants, for example.

Real Life Hero — do you know about someone in real life who is like a hero?

Write a newspaper article about this person...Extra, extra, read all about it!



Design a Super Hero — Willie thought Manuel looked like a super hero. Make a picture or poster of a super hero. Name your super hero and design an outfit for him or her, using paper, fabric, or anything you can think of.



Uplifting — Experiment with pulleys and levers to lift something heavy. What makes the job easier?

Muscle Facts — What is a muscle? How many muscles do you have? Read about muscles and how they get stronger.



Manuel’s Muscle Milkshake — In a blender, mix two scoops of ice cream and a little bit of milk until your milkshake is the way you like it.

Add ingredients that will make you stronger, like blueberries, bananas, strawberries, or even nuts.

Willie’s Cheesy Noodle Legs — Have a grown-up help you follow directions for cookin  g spaghetti noodles.

Drain the water and mix the warm noodles with cheese spread you buy in a jar.

Sports — Invite a coach or weight trainer to talk to the class. What kinds of activities would make you stronger?

Willie liked wearing football pads because they made him feel like he had muscles. Bring in different sport uniforms to try on. (umpire, football, hockey)


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