I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by
Bonnie Adamson
(Raven Tree Press
(June, 2008)

Book Description
Manuel wishes he could be as tall as his best friend, Willie. But Manuel is surprised to learn what Willie wants…

I wish I was tall like Willie.
He looks like a famous basketball player!

Manuel wants to be taller.
He wishes he could be like his best friend, Willie.
But Manuel is surprised to learn what Willie wants...

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(Book available in both bilingual and English-only versions.)



Extension Activities for Educators and Families


Measure Up — How many inches long were you when you were born? Find out how tall you are now, in feet and inches. How much have you grown?

Make a drawing or list of things that are as tall as you are:

— in your house
— in your yard
— at school

Take a survey of your friends at school and then make a chart. How many friends wish they were taller? How many wish they were shorter? How many are happy just the way they are?



Tall Tales — Imagine that you were the tallest person in your school. Write about all the good or fun things you could do if you were that tall. Write about the problems that you might have if you were the tallest person in school.



Family Tree — Find out about the very tallest person in your family. It might be someone who lived a long time ago, or it might be someone you live with now. What can you learn about this person? Where do they fit on your family tree?

Read to find out about the tallest...

— animal
— place on earth
— building



Tall Hat — Manuel liked how his hat made him look taller. Make your own tall hat:

Decorate your hat to look like President Lincoln, the Cat in the Hat, or anything you like! Enjoy being taller!

You can make your own stilts! You will need two strong empty cans the same size. Decorate the cans with paper or markers. Have a grown up punch two holes in each can near the closed end of the can. The holes should be across from each other. Thread a strong rope through the two holes and tie the rope into a loop. Do the same thing with each can. Now you can walk on your stilts. Put each foot on a can and hold onto the rope loop. Use the rope to help you move your feet.



Shadow Fun — Choose a sunny day and a friend who can help you. Mark an “X” on the sidewalk. Stand on the “X” in the morning and have your friend trace your shadow. Stand on the “X” at noon and have your friend trace your shadow again. Do it one more time in the late afternoon. What has happened to your shadow? Which shadow is the tallest?

Egg Head — Scoop dirt into half of an empty egg shell. Plant grass seed in the dirt. Water the seed, set it in the sun, and let the grass grow as tall as you wish. Draw a face on the eggshell to make it look like Manuel with his spiked hair.



Manuel’s Muscle Milkshake — In a blender, mix two scoops of ice cream and a little bit of milk until your milkshake is the way you like it.

Add ingredients that will make you stronger, like blueberries,
bananas, strawberries, or even nuts.

Willie’s Cheesy Noodle Legs — Have a grown-up help you follow directions for cooking spaghetti noodles. Drain the water and mix the warm noodles with cheese spread you buy in a jar.


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