Mouse Makes Words

Written by
Kathryn Heling and
Deborah Hembrook

Illustrated by
Patrick Joseph
(Random House, 2001)

Book Description

Mouse is busy, Mouse is fast.
Grabbing letters as he runs past.

Here comes Mouse!
Mouse makes new words, too, and he needs your help.

The pictures in the book will make you laugh while you play Mouse’s rhyming game!
Have fun making words with Mouse!

A beginning reader rhyming extravaganza that emphasizes initial sound substitution. An early phonics reader for children ages 3—6 years.

“... A hardworking mouse in overalls constructs, deconstructs, and reconstructs words. For instance: "Find the word FAN. Blow away the F. Move in a V. Honk! Now it is a VAN!"... A playful choice for beginning readers working with initial consonants.

Carolyn Phelan, Copyright © American Library Association.

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Extension Activities for Educators and Families

After the first couple of readings, ‘act out’ the story with magnetic letters on the refrigerator or a cookie sheet. Make this game extra fun by using a mouse finger puppet to move the letters around.

Keep a writing journal of word families. For example: top/pop/flop/cop/mop. Make a flip book where the beginning letter flips and changes but the rest of the word stays the same. How many new words can you make? How many are real words and how many are nonsense words?

Draw a ladder on construction paper. Write words from a word family on the rungs of the ladder.

Celebrate making words with Mouse and have a special treat — cheese and crackers!


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